Our virtual book publishing course was designed for your son or daughter to properly write their book, but at their own pace. This class is being taught virtually by Leslie Crawford. Leslie is the owner and founder of Exposed Books Publishing. In 2018, Leslie created, When Children Write. Since 2018, Leslie has placed When Children Write in six different schools as an after-school program. She has turned over 200 students into published authors by writing short stories. This course is an online edition to our classroom setup.

*Please be advised this course does not have access to coaching sessions. 

Virtual Book Publishing Course

  • This is a digital product, therefore there are no refunds or exchanges. After you make your purchase, you will receive an email with the link to download your course. If there is an issue, please email When Children Write at info@whenchildrenwrite.com. This course may not be shared with anyone. 

  • This is a self-pace course. If the student does not participate or do the work, the course will not work. If the work is done, we guarantee the participant will become a published author.