Busy Mom! Busy Dad!

                 This is Your Guide to Creating an Author/Entrepreneur

Parents, how many times have you told your child to stop making up stories?

A lot, right!


Are you ready to allow them to turn their story-making skills and imagination into a published book?

Before you answer, first image when you were a child, could you picture yourself as an author? Yes! No!


If not, imagine, your son or daughter building a business as an author. They can finally start making their own money.


You know, the story they keep telling you about. That could be a published book.


You heard of other children authors; your child could be next.


Or, you just might be tired of them sitting around the house doing nothing.


Are you ready to finally take their imagination and turn it into a book?


This is what I have for you. I took my in-person class and turned it into an online class. Your son or daughter will receive the same lessons as my students, but at their own pace.


When Children Write, online class is the premier, do it yourself, coaching program where I walk your child through the process of writing and publishing an ASTONISHING BOOK.


I can already picture this book on a shelf in a bookstore.


And the best part?

Everything is done in the comfort of your home. You will get access to my knowledge and several tips on how to be a successful author.

This program is right for your child if.

You know they have a big imagination.

They are a storyteller.

You’re ready to create an author/entrepreneur.


What do you get? I teach about.

  • Writing an outline.

  • Building characters.

  • Creating chapters.

  • Pre-editing your own book.

  • Designing your cover

  • And so much more….


They also get access to me.


And every lesson is delivered in juicy, tiny pieces.

Don’t have them keep their talents tucked away in their tiny corner of the world, they wouldn’t be doing their part to serve and inspire the world.


But here’s the key thing:

They have to show up and do the work. There’s no magic wand to becoming an author. Have them join the ranks of some amazing youth authors.

Are you ready?