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Who is this program for?  When Children Write after school program is for grades third to fifth grade.  Our one on one sessions are for ages 7 to 12.

Where is the program held? Our after school program is held at our participating schools after schools hours.  Our one on one sessions can be held via phone, Skype, and or a local library.  All out of state participants sessions will be held via phone or Skype.

How soon can I start?  For our one on one sessions all participants can start once a introductory call is conducted to see what each student requires from When Children Write.  Once the one on one introductory call is held and the first payment is made along with signing a contract, your child can begin the program.  For our after school programs, the participating school will coordinate a start date and communicate with all parents.

How soon will my child be able to publish?  For our one on one sessions we offer a three month and sixth month program. We cannot provide an exact date of when your child will be able to publish a book.  If the program is followed correctly for the sixth month option your child should be ready to take the next step to publish their book.  For our three month program, it is possible for our students to publish a book at the end of the program.  In order for this to happen our students will have to follow the instructions of our team. For our after school program our goal is to have each student book ready to be published at the end of the session.  This can only happen if the student follows the program.

Do you assist children with special needs or learning disabilities?  We here at When Children Write will do everything we can to accommodate every student.  If your child has special needs or a learning disability please contact us to discuss further.

Can my child participate if I do not live in Maryland? Yes your child can participate if you live out of state.  All meetings will be held via phone or Skype, with a parent or guardian present.

Why don't When Children Write display their fees on the site? We do not post our fees on the website because our fees vary according to the services you receive. Each package is uniquely designed for each individual client. During your one on one session we will customize a unique package for your child. Once the package is designed pricing will be discussed. 

Do you offer sibling discount?  Yes we do offer sibling discounts.  Please let us know during your introductory one on one session.

If my child don't complete everything during their session, can they sign up again?  Yes you are more than welcome to sign your child up again if you believe they need to continue the program.

Do you take referrals?  Yes we love referrals.  If you refer any student to us and they sign up to use our services, we will send you a nice gift.

If there is a question we did not list here, please contact us and we will be more than happy to answer.

Writing a book can allow your child to express their emotions in a positive way.