What is When Children Write? When Children Write is a writing program that focuses on fixing the ongoing literacy problem most children face. During the program, the students are taught how to write and publish their very own book.

Does my child have to struggle with literacy to participate? No! The literacy issue was the main reason we started When Children Write. We accept all participants that are interested in writing a book.

How old do you have to be in order to participate? When Children Write is for children ranging from 9 to 17 years-old.

Is When Children Write available as an after-school program in all schools? At this time, we are not in every school. If you would like to see When Children Write in your school, reach out to your principal.

Does When Children Write offer curriculum's for classroom teaching? We are currently working on a school board approved curriculum.

How long would it take for my child to write their book? This will vary because every child works at a different pace. As long as they participate, their book will be complete.

Do I have to live in Maryland to join your program? No, When Children Write is a nationwide program.

Do you assist children with special needs or learning disabilities? We here at When Children Write will do everything, we can in order to accommodate every student. If your child has special needs or a learning disability, please contact us to discuss further.

What is your refund policy? Our program is online only. We stand behind our services. If for any reason you as a client is not satisfied with our service, please let us know. We do not offer refunds but we will fix any issue that may arise.

What types of programs do you offer outside of the after-school program? We offer a publishing program. Our publishing program is for students that have written a book but need assistance with publishing it. Please schedule a call to receive further details. We have two online classes. When Children Write, offers a self-paced course. The course can be purchased and the student will receive the lesson via online, that can be taken on their time. Our final course is a training/consultant course. This is an online course that’s 12-weeks. The participant will meet with an instructor twice a month for 50 minutes. Modules, homework, and calls will be included.

Does When Children Write take referrals? Yes, we do. We love referrals. If you send us a referral, you will receive a special gift from us.

Do you offer sibling discounts? We do offer discounts for siblings. This only applies to our publishing package. Please let us know during your introductory session.

Where can I find When Children Write publishing package fees? Our publishing package varies according to each client. We customize our publishing package for each individual client. The investment for this package is discussed during our introductory session.


 If there is a question that we didn’t answer, please contact us.

Writing a book can allow your child to express their emotions in a positive way.