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When Children Write offers two unique programs.  We offer one on one sessions and group sessions as an after school program.  The one on one sessions comprise of two options, three months or six months.  Our after school programs are only offered in select schools.  If your school is not offering our program, contact your principal to see about having the program offered.  We promise as long as your child follows the program they will be successful.  

When Children Write


When Children Write mission is to help create a voice through writing, by offering children in low to medium income neighborhoods the opportunity to write and publish their own book. Our goal is to help fix the literacy problem that our kids are facing. 


+ Build confidence among students

+ Have fun
+ Respect each other
+ Be creative

One on One Sessions

Our one on one sessions will be a intensive, creative, yet fun program where we will guide each student through the process of writing and creating a book. The program is offered in two sessions, three months or six months.  

+ Literacy 

+ Creative Writing & Journalism
+ Achieving Greatness 


After School Programs

​Our after school programs are offered in select schools throughout the state of Maryland. The program will be offered one or two days a week after school. The time frame for the sessions is subject to change, according to the school policy.

+ Literacy

+ Creative Writing & Journalism
+ Achieving Greatness

Writing can boost your

child self-esteem 

and confidence.